Witherington’s Review “So Dark the Con of Man”

New Testament scholar Ben Witherington has blogged about DVC.

Da Vinci Code– the Movie: “So Dark the Con of Man”

” I was prepared for this movie to be a bomb. Actually, its not. It stands up rather well as a suspensful movie, and it is not the case that there are long boring discussions of ancient lore in this movie. “

He also addresses the frustration I mentioned:

This is a dark movie, but the “con of man” in this movie is not one perpetrated by the church about Jesus and his real nature, but rather one foisted on a Biblically illiterate public large numbers of which seem naive enough to believe the hysterical fiction in Brown’s novel.

He then offers some viewing tips for Christians (that is kind, but is it necessary?) and concludes:

There is really not a single positive portrayal of a devout Christian in this movie, and that in itself is disturbing in a movie that is so much about the history of Christianity. Christian audiences therefore should be cautious, and come prepared to thinking critically about the movie if you go.

It is sad that there is not a single sympathetic, devout Christian in the book or film, I personally know one or two, so they do exist ;-), but I would hope, perhaps naively, that it would go without saying that one should think critically about a movie. OK. Maybe not Lethal Weapon. Or Over the Hedge (going to that tonight!)…

(Via Ben Witherington.)

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