Apple – MacBook: It has arrived!

Apple – MacBook


I have class now so all I can say so far is: I love the black!

UPDATE: OK, I am still perusing the site, but I am very excited about this. Small form, fast (modern) processor, etc. I think I might be ready to step into the world of MacIntel!

MacBook At a Glance
1.83GHz or 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo
13.3-inch (diagonal) TFT glossy widescreen display
Apple Remote with Front Row
Up to 2GB memory(3)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
Slot-loading optical drive
Up to 120GB hard drive(3)
Built-in 54-Mbps 802.11g AirPort Extreme wireless
Analog and digital audio in and out
FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 ports
iLife ’06, Mac OS X Tiger

I think $1099 is a reasonable starting price (although I will never understand why Apple insists on starting with ridiculously low amounts of RAM) but Philip Michaels wonders why Apple didn’t try and break that mental barrier of $1k.

Jason Snell at Macworld has a full, first-look review.

Key figure
MacBook features a unique new keyboard design that sits flush against the bed for a sleeker, lower profile. Plus, you’ll find a firmer touch when typing. That ought to make your fingers happy.

I greatly appreciate a good keyboard and Apple laptops have always been great. So much so that I replaced the standard issue desktop keyboard with MacAlly’s iceKey for my everyday use. Ooh! A picture:
This really is gorgeous. See more closeups at AppleInsider.

I am eager to hear if the MacBook whines like its elder sibling.

A first time Mac user, Roger, appears to be the first to post an “unpacking” series of photos on Flikr.

So, why the glossy screen? I don’t get that…

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