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7th International Organization for Targumic Studies – Call for Papers

Passing along this announcement from Wilem Smelik. Please propagate amongst the Biblioblogospheroid. International Organization for Targum Studies Seventh Meeting Munich/München, Germany Wednesday – Friday, August 7-9, 2013 CALL FOR PAPERS The 7th meeting of the IOTS will cover a wide range of topics related to Targum Studies: Philology; Translation Strategies and Theory; Exegesis; Theology; Text-criticism and Manuscript Studies; Relationship to  Rabbinic Literature; Targum and NT. We are pleased to announce a call for short papers […]

It is not just the Episcopal Church

I have been following, as many even outside of the religious world or biblioblogosphere have, the coverage of the Episcopal Church General Convention. I have not and will not comment on it. The whole situation with the ECUSA (sorry, TEC), is simply sad beyond words. I will, however, pass along this article. It is an excellent assessment by Ross Douthat of where not just the Episcopal Church but all “liberal Christianity” as a movement is […]

Mere Orthodoxy: “You Don’t Have a Soul”: C.S. Lewis Never Said It

I noticed this debate on Twitter the other day. @wycliff chided @CSLewisU for propagating the apocryphal quote “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” I had seen these on the inter tubes recently and it had made me ponder. It seemed more than a bit heretical and not very much like Lewis, at least not to my ear. @wycliff kindly pointed to this article “You Don’t Have a Soul”: C.S. Lewis […]

Targumic and Midrashic (or Talmudic) parallels

There has long been debate about which rabbinic text is dependent upon which. It is very rare that we know certainly the date of the texts or when one is clearly citing or building its own interpretation upon that of another text. This is certainly true of TgRuth. I am just re-reading Derek Beattie’s, “Towards Dating the Targum of Ruth,” in Word in Season, (Sheffield, England Ithaca, NY: Snow Lion Publications JSOT Pr), 1986. On page […]

Why typos are hard to catch (except in Hebrew)

This is great and something I have actually known about for quite a while. When I was editing the DSS 4QS volume for Philip Alexander and Geza Vermes in grad school I was directed to read the document backwards, ignoring the words themselves in order to look solely for typos. Interesting to read then that they found this trick of switching letters and allowing them to still be legible does not work with Hebrew. An […]

Manuscript names: Sassoon 282 is Valmadonna No. 1

UPDATE In preparation for my book I transcribed Beattie’s list of MSS with adjustments to take into account the new name of the oldest manuscript, Valmadonna 1. See the bottom of this entry for the list. It also appears that V has now been sold by Sotheby’s on behalf of the Trust Library. While it is not named specifically it appears to be the 1189 CE manuscript referenced in this article. Last week Derek Beattie […]

International SBL – Ajax Stadium Tour anyone?

Next week I will be headed to the Netherlands for a few business visits and the International SBL meeting in Amsterdam. My family will be coming with me and my son is quite the little football/soccer player so we are going to take a tour of the Ajax stadium. Anyone can stop by, according to the site, but groups of ten or more can “choose to make a large tour of 2 hours, including an […]