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This I Believe: Honor

Last week I recorded my essay for our local WPSU “This I Believe” program. It can be heard on Thursday 18 December 2008 at 5:45 pm OR right now online! WPSU’s This I Believe I Believe in Honor Contributor: Christian Brady Town: State College, PA County: Centre County Heard on NPR’s Weekend Edition on December 18, 2008 Listen to This I Believe I can remember quite vividly a moment in the 5th grade when a […]

A modern Ruth?

NPR ran a piece this morning about an Iraqi woman, a single mother, who came to the US last year and is making a new life for herself. In listening to the piece I was struck by the similarities in the story as told by NPR and the biblical story of Ruth. The story was introduced as follows. Last year, we introduced NPR audiences to a single mother of three who heads one of the […]

Speedtest – How fast are you?

We have Comcast highspeed cable with a decent sized network in the house, both wired and wireless. I was testing its speed tonight with Wireless: Via an 802.11g AirportExtreme base station to a MacBook Pro: Wired: through the base station and a router to a MacPro G5 (quad): Not bad, imho, but I am going to guess that others of you will have faster speeds, some much faster. (And Jim West will be below […]


Our son is now at an age where he can really make (or at least enjoy watching me) LEGO sets. This morning we have been perusing LEGOs sit. They have games that you can play online and even embed in your own website! (Although it isn’t working for me in Firefox 3.0.4 and Mac OS X 10.5. Let me know if it works for you.)  

Movie Reviews – Bolt & The Day the Earthy Stood Still

I haven’t seen the Day the Earth Stood Still, but I loved this review. Highlight: Discussing the acting in “Earth” is something of an exercise in pointlessness — Reeves does a lot of wooden staring while speaking in a monotone, so at least he’s working within his skill set. You’d think Jennifer Connelly would turn down all “weepy scientist” roles after “Hulk,” but she’s once again drying tears on her lab coat. Young Jaden Smith […]

FERPA for Fun! (Note for those teaching in US higher ed)

For those teaching in the US what can and cannot be released to people other than students (e.g., parents!) is detailed in a guideline referred to as “FERPA,” The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  The short is, you can’t tell anyone but the student anything. As a dean I can tell you that parents are not often happy to hear that (“but I pay the bills!”). The truth is there is more than can […]

Defining religion (or economics)

The late Johnny Hart, creator of BC, was known for his outspoken Christian beliefs and incorporating them into his comic. His Easter strips were notorious and his theology (as stated by himself) was fuzzy at best. Since his passing last spring the strip has been taken over by his grandson Mason Mastroianni and rather than simply maintaining the strip and its characters and avoiding religious and political topics that once marked Hart’s strip, he has […]