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iPhone and iPod TouchSo I already know what my major Christmas present will be this year (although I do not yet have it, but thanks to all the fam who are giving me Apple Store gift cards!). I am getting an iPod Touch! So, my immediate question is, which apps to put on it? I know a few of those who regularly read this blog are iPhone/Touch users so I thought I would ask you all, which apps do you absolutely must have? I just talked with my brother, an iPhone user, and he says that in the end, he uses almost exclusively the built-in apps.

To guide your responses, a few categories that I am interested in:

  1. eBook reader, preferably that works well with feedbooks.com.
  2. Newsreader to keep up with all these blogs!
  3. Bible software (I have seen Olive Trees, is there another worthwhile? there appear to be dozens on the app store)
  4. Games
  5. VOIP?
  6. Whatever you think is indispensable.

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10 thoughts on “Favorite iPhone/iPod Touch apps

  • David Morar

    Here’s what I say,
    Fring, works great with all instant messengers plus Skype
    NYTimes app
    And the game Enigmo

    ( i use a couple of ebooks apps, the Classics ( which is on sale ) has a great variety of stuff, and the collections by BeamItDown software ( i currently have politics, philosophy and the Tolstoy ones)

  • Keith Williams

    I’ll watch the comments here with interest, as I have made the exact same request from my family members for Christmas. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    The YouVersion Bible app is free, and it comes with all the major English translations.

  • Sam Harrelson

    Hey Chris-

    I love my Touch.

    Here are my responses:

    1. eBook reader: I have a Kindle so that does the trick for me, but I hear the Classics application is quite nice.

    2. Feedreader: If you use Google Reader, you can make a screen icon that takes you to the web interface. Or, if you’re on a Mac, NetNewsWire has an incredible app that I love as well.

    3. Bible software: I use BibleXpress (http://www.biblexpress.com/Home.html). It’s not cheap (like $29), but it’s been well worth the money for me in terms of convenience and the ability to make clippings then email them, etc. Plus, it has a number of translations (though no Greek or Hebrew yet) and is constantly updated.

    4. Games: MotoChaser and RSoccer09 are fun. There’s also a new Brothers In Arms first person shooter that is unreal (and challenging). But my fav game is Hidden Expedition: Everest. So addictive. Virtual Villagers is fun but time consuming and demanding (you have to keep your villagers alive or they all die). But if you have a G-d complex, it’s better than therapy.

    5. VOIP: haven’t used since I have the Touch

    6. Whatever you think is indispensable: Evernote! I’m also a big user of RememberTheMilk.com and they have a fantastic app. I’d also highly recommend Pandora and Last.fm (whichever you use). And on the topic of radio, WunderRadio is a great paid app that allows you to listen to pretty much any AM or FM terrestial radio on the planet. It’s fantastic. And since you have a WordPress blog, the WordPress app that allows you to post from the Touch/iPhone could come in handy!


  • Erin

    NetNewsWire is a good reader.

    As far as others I must have:
    Shazam is just crazy neat
    Twitterific for those of us addicted to Twitter
    AirSharing for files
    Simple GPS is great for me as I find myself in the woods a lot
    GPS Tracker is probably a bit more advanced but fun
    iTalk lets you make podcasts
    Shakespeare (complete works… maybe I’m weird)

    Black and White (Othello)
    Tris (Tetris)
    Pac-Man Lite

    Let us know how you like it and apps that you find worthwhile!

  • E. Pyatt

    Games (all puzzles/solitaire)
    * Muddled (Word game)
    * Sol Free Solitaire (or Solebon Solitaire with more games)
    * reMovem

    * A calculator (there are several)
    * A ruler (there are several)
    * Showtimes (look up movie times in theaters near your zip code)
    * Pandora Radio
    * “A Free Level” (it’s a level)

  • Matt W.

    Bouncing in from a friend’s Twitter post!

    Apps not yet mentioned (I think all of them are free):

    Constitution (never know when you’ll need to know your rights)
    FingerPiano (walks you through playing a LONG list of song options)
    Urbanspoon (guide to retaurants near you…not terribly useful in State College, but you never know where you’ll be…)
    Remote (can control iTunes on a computer through WiFi…very cool)
    Trace (fun game involving drawing lines for a character to jump onto, to get past obstacles.

    Hope you find stuff you like!

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! I had heard of many, forgot most, and there are several new ones so this is great! One ebook app that I don’t think has been mentioned here, but gets good reviews elsewhere is Stanza. It is a free app that connects to feedbooks.com as well as to a store where you can buy new books and periodicals. That will be worth checking out. There is even a desktop app for Windows or Mac.

  • Zharko

    I tryed some of the apps that you guys suggested and i found them very interesting, thanks 🙂

    here are my 2 cents for you, i came across this app called Storyz, it looks good, it’s very simple to use, and it’s also fun 🙂