Favorite iPhone/iPod Touch apps

iPhone and iPod TouchSo I already know what my major Christmas present will be this year (although I do not yet have it, but thanks to all the fam who are giving me Apple Store gift cards!). I am getting an iPod Touch! So, my immediate question is, which apps to put on it? I know a few of those who regularly read this blog are iPhone/Touch users so I thought I would ask you all, which apps do you absolutely must have? I just talked with my brother, an iPhone user, and he says that in the end, he uses almost exclusively the built-in apps.

To guide your responses, a few categories that I am interested in:

  1. eBook reader, preferably that works well with feedbooks.com.
  2. Newsreader to keep up with all these blogs!
  3. Bible software (I have seen Olive Trees, is there another worthwhile? there appear to be dozens on the app store)
  4. Games
  5. VOIP?
  6. Whatever you think is indispensable.

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