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Read to your kids and keep an eye on them too…

If you have ever come across a comic you do not understand you need to visit “Comics I Don’t Understand” by Bill Bickel. He also runs a blog called Crimeweek. This week his two worlds combined. I will not re-post all of it (respect copyright, etc.) but I have the beginning and the conclusion, with which I concur wholeheartedly. By all means visit his site(s). “I put this on your kid…” August 5th, 2008 Last […]

Wither goest the quotation marks?

I always, or at least since grad school, thought that it was American publishing practice that everything went inside the quotation marks, even if you add a question mark. Today I was reviewing the SBL Handbook of Style and was surprised to see that they do not agree. A question mark, however, belongs outside of the quotation marks unless it is part of the quoted or parenthetical material (CMS 5.28). Thus: Why had he said, […]

Olympic Mirth

Those of you following Dr. J West already know that I was a swimmer. I also played goal in water polo and the Olympics provide me with the rare opportunity to see both events on TV. Last night saw the greatest race ever swum (or run or walked) with the US men’s 4×100 free relay beating France, after they had talked much ordures, in an amazing come from behind race by Jason Lezak. Best quote […]

Lamentations and Tisha b’Av

This past weekend was spent doing various work around that house that required lots of hours and very little thought. Good for the soul, perhaps, but I feel like I lost two days in a wormhole. I missed offering my best wishes for a good observance on Tisha b’Av, so today I will offer instead my presentation from last week’s Catholic Biblical Association. This paper was part of the working group for the Bible in […]


For those of you lucky enough to own an iPhone (curse you need for full Exchange compatibility!) you migth be interested in these Bible (and related religious) apps for the iPhone. From The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Bible: 19 translations on your iPhone Posted Aug 6th 2008 1:00PM by Robert Palmer When I was going through a minor existential crisis a few years ago, I read the Bible from cover to cover. The copy I had […]

Photo: Beautiful Weekend

Unfortunately I spent most of it inside, cleaning up and painting our basement. Oh and watching the Olympics. The Men 4×100 Free Relay was amazing! As my brother said, it is nice to see the French fighting for something, but even better for us to win. Great race, especially Lezak! The weather here was wonderful, cool breeze with warm sunshine. The sun on the thistle down was beautiful and we played soccer with the kids […]