Olympic Mirth

Those of you following Dr. J West already know that I was a swimmer. I also played goal in water polo and the Olympics provide me with the rare opportunity to see both events on TV. Last night saw the greatest race ever swum (or run or walked) with the US men’s 4×100 free relay beating France, after they had talked much ordures, in an amazing come from behind race by Jason Lezak. Best quote comes from my brother, “It is good to see the French finally fighting for something.” Too bad they lost, eh?

To add insult to injury Alain Bernard, the anchor of the French relay and world-record holder in the 100m free had his record broken by the Australian Eamon Sullivan with an astonishing 47.24 in the first leg of the relay. Lezak swam an unbelievable split of 46.06 [mfn]Also a world-record for splits. Only the first leg of a relay can count for an official individual time since it is from a standing start.[/mfn] to beat Bernard who lost the relay and his world-record in one race.  I challenge anyone to offer a better race.

Now for the fun. I clicked on the NBCOlympics site to catch the end of the US-China women’s Water Polo on video. My brother had been twittering the back and forth score and I fast forwarded to the last 8 seconds. The US was up 12-11 and China had taken a time out. This meant that they would be all set in front of the US goal with a throw-in from the goalie and 8 seconds to get off a shot. Their coach had given them instructions during the time out and the went to run their play. Only they didn’t. They never got a shot off! Their coach was furious. I have captured his reaction to his team below. I think this is worse than a coach who yells at you, one who makes fun of you on the deck. Ugh.

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