Read to your kids and keep an eye on them too…

If you have ever come across a comic you do not understand you need to visit “Comics I Don’t Understand” by Bill Bickel. He also runs a blog called Crimeweek. This week his two worlds combined. I will not re-post all of it (respect copyright, etc.) but I have the beginning and the conclusion, with which I concur wholeheartedly. By all means visit his site(s).

“I put this on your kid…”

August 5th, 2008

librarysticker.gifLast week in Unshelved, a comic strip about a library, one of the librarians placed a sticker on a little girl’s back while her father’s attention was elsewhere: “I put this on your kid when you weren’t looking. What else could I have done?” [click thumbnail to view the comic]

Thus fulfilling, I’m sure, a fantasy of everybody who’s ever worked in a library, a toy store, or the children’s section of a large book store.We’ve all seen it: parents leaving young children, preschoolers sometimes, unattended while they go about their own business, sometimes in another store or business. It’s safe enough because, after all isn’t it the job of the library worker or store employee to look after the kid?

Well, no.

…What we need is for an organization such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to step up and put pressure on the corporate boards of Toys R Us, Borders and Barnes & Noble to change their “don’t risk offending parents” policy before some child is snatched from in front of the Beatrix Potter rack.

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