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Photo: Iron Cross

Our External Advisory Board comes into to town today and at lunch today we will present our Outstanding Scholar Alumni awards (one via video conference!). In the meantime I thought I would share a picture from our trip from Boston to Philly. This is a gate on a home in Concord, MA directly across from the meeting hall where the first Massachusetts congress formed.  

I am in the news…

And it is a very nice article. “Schreyer dean set for priesthood” ran in our local paper. Somehow the reporter with the university beat heard about my ordination to the priesthood and asked for an interview. Given my position I felt it prudent to check with the Provost and President and I want to say that they have been fantastic, very supportive and encouraging. Although the journalist picked up on some offhanded sorts comments I […]

PBS Coverage of the ECUSA Decision (or lack thereof)

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly had this story covering the ECUSA House of Bishops meeting last week. It is one of the best summaries I have seen so far. You can either watch the video or read the transcript. The reporter summarized it well: LAWTON: Well, in fact no new policy was set at this meeting. The U.S. Episcopal bishops restated the situation that’s been in play in their church for the last couple of years. […]

“Someone, please buy the SPCK bookshops”

I pass along the plea from Dave, a UK cartoonist and churchman. Someone, please buy the SPCK bookshops Somebody needs to buy the SPCK chain of bookshops, and quickly. This is from my friend Neil, who has just handed in his notice: … Handed in my notice just in time, I have found out that our owners want to run each shop with just one person, and as they presented us with an unsignable (by […]