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Advice Needed: Tg Ruth Book Outline

Tonight I was wrestling again with how to best present the material in my next book. This book on Targum Ruth will be similar to my earlier work on Targum Lamentations. My doctoral thesis was a verse-by-verse commentary and the book was an analysis of the work as a whole, with reference back to the thesis. In this book I will incorporate all of the material into a single volume. So, below are two possible […]

Colorado: I thought there was going to be baseball or something

I am now in Denver, the Mile High City, for a few days. It is a meeting of the NCHC, the National Collegiate Honors Council. I did not make it out here a few years ago when SBL was here, the only SBL I have missed since 1995. Boy is it flat! The signs in the airport designating the bathrooms as tornado safety zones were a bit unnerving. At least they were clean. The bathrooms […]

10-20-30 Meme

I supposed I could be annoyed, but truth be told, I am glad that Jim thought to remember annoy me. So, the meme seems to be, what were you doing 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Time to show our age… 10 years ago we were eagerly anticipating the birth of our daughter, already a week over due. it would be another TWO weeks before she arrived (courtesy of the surgeon after two sets of […]

Leopard: Stacks Stink

UPDATE: If you have feedback and comments on the OS, Apple will accept them here (and hopefully not circle file them). I have said this once before already, but I am not feeling the stack love in leopard. The premise is to make folders in the dock open up “stacks” of pretty icons for easy access. The problems are (let me enumerate): Custom icons of folders are lost. If you have more than a […]

New Blog: Mr. Stephen Fry

One of my all time favorite British comedic actors and a very fine writer, Stephen Fry has joined the blogging world. His first post even takes on two of my favorite passions, Apple, Inc. and technology. Device and Desires All the big guns want an iPhone killer. Even I, mad for all things Apple as I am, want an iPhone killer. I want smart digital devices to be as good as mankind’s ingenuity can make […]

Leopard: Time Machine

Way cool. That is about it. It works and is way cool. The trick, you must have a second large HD to back up to. I won’t try and summarize what Apple has already posted here but it certainly does work as advertised. Select a folder, click the way back machine (Time Machine icon) and a whole series of those windows, receding into the distance of a starry field, will appear. Select on the file […]

Leopard Updates: Logitech Desktop S 530

I am now running the big cat on my MacPro in the office and running into some different issues. Only one real problem, my keychain went bellyup. Not sure why, since my issue did not meet the criteria of the Keychain update that Apple released this weekend. One software update that I had not noticed but is necessary for those running the Logitech Cordless Desktop® S 530 Laser for Mac® is to their Control Center. […]