10-20-30 Meme

I supposed I could be annoyed, but truth be told, I am glad that Jim thought to remember annoy me. So, the meme seems to be, what were you doing 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Time to show our age…

10 years ago we were eagerly anticipating the birth of our daughter, already a week over due. it would be another TWO weeks before she arrived (courtesy of the surgeon after two sets of salad spoons failed to help). I was also sill writing up my doctoral thesis while starting my visiting position at Tulane (that eventually turned into tenure-track, tenured, and then Director of Honors).

20 years ago I was starting my year off from college. I had not done *ahem* very well in my freshmen year at Cornell and like so many I had a change of major (from Chemistry and pre-med to History and Near Easter Studies). CU suggested a year off to think about things. I spent my time running a healthy club for the local Holiday Inn and then spent 2 months at a Goethe Institut learning German. (Remember, this was in the days of two Germanies.) It was a great year.

30 years ago I remember a fun birthday party celebrating my 9th birthday on September 9th. (9, 9, 9, get it?) My parents asked who I would like invited and I mentioned a new girl in our class named Fiona. My parents asked, “What color is she?” I did not grasp the intent of their question and replied contrarily, “Purple.” (She was caucasian.) I remember nothing else about that girl other than that story.

Although it goes against my natural inclination to break all chain letters and bring havoc raining down upon me and all those I love, I go ahead and tag Ed Cook, Stephan Brady, and Joe Weaks.

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