Leopard: Stacks Stink 3

UPDATE: If you have feedback and comments on the OS, Apple will accept them here http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html/ (and hopefully not circle file them).

I have said this once before already, but I am not feeling the stack love in leopard. The premise is to make folders in the dock open up “stacks” of pretty icons for easy access. The problems are (let me enumerate):

  1. Custom icons of folders are lost.
  2. If you have more than a few items (depending upon screen size) you get a large, square grid instead of the “tower” andClick to Enlarge
  3. If you have subfolders you cannot dig down through them via the Dock.

(Click to enlarge the image at right.)

What makes this particularly heinous (and I mean that in the best possible sense, it is truly evil) is that Stacks have taken away functionality that I already had! And in return I get…nothing. Pretty, large icons, but those are not needed.

I am really, really hoping and praying in that fervent manner of fevered desert pole-sitters that Apple will allow us to turn this off in a future update. Or at least allow us to dig down into subfolders.


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3 thoughts on “Leopard: Stacks Stink

  • Richard Wright

    This gratuitous moment of mockery was brought to you by Smash the Macopoly(tm) – the latest greatest subversive revolutionary front!

    You mean… not everything Apple produces is a foretaste of the eschaton?

  • xavier serrano

    for the number two you can choose whether you want the stack to fan out or show in a grid by right clicking on the stack and choosing how you want it to show up. the third one well i actually don’t think the idea of stacks was to make a finder window that’s why the finder is there and if you click on your folder you can go through your subfolders but yea it would be nice to do it i just don’t think thats the point of the stacks and for the first well that one really sucks.
    also i don’t think you mentioned it but if you don’t like the fact that the icons of the stack in the dock change according to whats inside the stack you can overlay the icon so it will show always a recognisable icon look it up in google is really cool even though i think apple should have put that originally

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Thanks Xavier. A few points:
    1) (Commenting on my point two) When I right-click on a stack I do NOT have an option for how it appears. The shape is based solely on how many items in the folder/stack.
    2) (Commenting on my point 3) The stacks have replaced functionality that was already in the dock (simply having a folder there) and in so doing Apple effectively REMOVED function which is a number 1 no-no for GUI design. Never take away functionality for the sake of looks.
    3) I shouldn’t have to alter my folder contents to make up for the short comings of Apple’s changes. (But I have, changing the icons on my top items.)