Format change… 6

I updated the blog template because of an issue with “permissions” (I could not create new categories, for example). Apparently when I did so I lost the ability to have the sidebars are either…side. So I hope you don’t mind the new look. I am not a fan, but I hope to bring the old one back (unless hordes of fan cry out in favor of the new look).


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6 thoughts on “Format change…

  • Jim

    It’s simply appalling that people change their web template as often as they do. Sometimes its hard to know if one has arrived at the right website!


    I like the old one…

  • Cole

    Chris, how did you correct your permissions issue? Al of a sudden my WP is acting strange — doing the same thing you describe.

  • Steve

    Chris–I just wanted to go on record as having liked the temporary setup.

    I am curious why you don’t live that style, but rather this one?

    I like having more than one column for support information, but I like having both of those columns together. Just seems more “efficient” to me. Silly, perhaps.

    I do understand a sense of symmetry, with the body of the blog centered between two “supporting” columns.


  • Chris Brady

    Steve, you are correct, I like the symmetry that it offers. I can’t see why having the sidebars would necessarily be more “efficient” unless you are thinking that it saves some mousing to go from one side to the other. My instinct (and experience) is that most folks will scroll through and just go to a link rather than using it like palettes in PhotoShop where repetition would make proximity important.