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Leopard Report: Spaces

I promised more news as I had time to play with the deeper features. I have now set up spaces and I think it will be a real boon to those of us who regularly have lots of apps and windows open. Especially on machines with a single monitor (e.g., MacBook). A few points: You can set up numerous “spaces.” These are a bit like different desktops that you can assign different functions or work […]

Leopard Loaded

So I went to the PSU computer store to pick up the latest OS. There was a good crowd and they were actually giving out free copies to those who showed up dressed as leopards. Me, I payed for my copy (but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have dressed up if I had known). So, first impressions after 30 minutes with Leopard. Installation – Went smoothly. I had already back up my drive to another, […]

From Goodacre: Rory Bremner does the Archbishop

Most of you probably saw this already on Mark Goodacre’s blog, but it is too good not to share again! Rory Bremner does the Archbishop The new series of Bremner, Bird and Fortune is better than ever. This Sunday Bremner did several short sketches impersonating the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and it’s a remarkably good impression. Here he is comparing himself to Doctor Who and the Anglican Church to the TARDIS: (Via Mark Goodacre’s […]

PSU v. OSWho?

Tomorrow is a BIG game day here in Happy Valley. I admit to not being all that confident of our chances, but I think we will hang tough and if we are in it in the last 2 minutes, we can win. So turn on ESPN for GameDay and enjoy the view! I will be there, likely with face painted white and blue, trying to get my mug on TV. 🙂 ESPN’s College GameDay to […]

Leapin’ Leopards!

So all you Apple faithful, today is the day, the latest OS update is a coming at 6 pm. I for one will stop by the PSU store to pick up my copy and install it on my MacBook this weekend. For those eager for the news, check out the reviews listed below. First major reviews of Leopard hit the streets: NYT, WSJ and USAToday Filed under: Leopard The big three geekmeisters have been released […]

This could be awkward…

I just signed up for the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars and the conference dinner. I used my research account and PayPal kindly informed me that This Payment will appear on your credit card statement as “ANGLICANASS” That could be difficult to explain to my financial officer. 🙂 Kevin, you know you could have found a better abbreviation. Then again, maybe not!  

Yanking (the Chains of) the Ivies –

Before the humorous and che-tongue-ek comments begin, I should make it clear that I do not endorse denigrating other school’s to build up one’s own. If you are good enough to be the best then it goes without saying. We should emphasize our strengths, not someone else’s weaknesses. Let the fun commence: Yanking (the Chains of) the Ivies – By THOMAS BARTLETT It’s easy to hate the Ivy League. Also, it’s fun. Yet rarely […]

Photo: St. Thomas, NYC

Yesterday I drove to NYC for a reception (and then drove back last night). I happened upon this gorgeous church during my walkabout. They were rehearsing for a boys/mens choir recital that night. Wonderful acoustics in this church. It was burned down in 1905 (the church, not the choir) so the vast majority of it is rebuilt. It was interesting to see the people who came in. One woman came, knelt in the pew in […]

So much happening…

It is hard for me to keep up. I apologize for not posting more, I really do since I view blogging as a conversation, even if sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself, when I don’t blog I feel like I am giving you all the silent treatment. Not my intent at all! Just doing too many things with too little time on my hands. To recap the last week (checking calendar to […]