So much happening…

It is hard for me to keep up. I apologize for not posting more, I really do since I view blogging as a conversation, even if sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself, when I don’t blog I feel like I am giving you all the silent treatment. Not my intent at all! Just doing too many things with too little time on my hands. To recap the last week (checking calendar to see where I was and what I did):

    Monday – Meeting all day, beginning with the “Academic Leadership Council,” all the deans and campus chancellors. In the afternoon practiced singing the Great Thanksgiving for Sunday’s service.
    Tuesday – Spent the morning writing letters of recommendation. Then had two meetings before leaving at lunchtime for Philly where we had a dinner and then headed back home. (That’s 3.5 hours each way.)
    Wednesday – The morning was free and then had a good meeting with my grad assistant. That is always a good time, although I am rarely prepared (he always is). The afternoon was full of meetings. Again.
    Thursday – My folks came into town for my niece’s (their granddaughter’s) swim meet. She is a frosh at PSU. From 10 am onwards I had meetings on the hour each hour for at least 30 minutes, plus a working lunch with the Student Council.
    Friday – A Senate committee meeting at 9 am, thankfully very brief, then a 10:30 meeting, an 11 meeting, noon lunch with my folks and grandmother who are in town, a 1 meeting, and one at 2 pm. A pretty slow day really. Mark, my friend and preacher for my ordination is stuck in NYC and has to rent a car. He arrives at 2 am.


    Saturday – Our Scholar Alumni Board meeting is at 9 am. Back home by 10:30, after realizing that my email on the Exchange server has duplicated like rabbits who have been separated from one another by long months at sea. No time for that. My in-laws arrive early afternoon and rehearsal for my ordination is at 3:30 pm. The service is at 5. It was wonderful and very moving. Our local rabbi, whose children I taught at Tulane, is there with much of his family. I have rarely felt so humbled.
    Sunday – My first Eucharist as a priest. I sang the service and did reasonably well. It was also our rector’s 20th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. We then had a reception at our house. We finished cleaning up at midnight.
    Monday – Rinse. Repeat.

One promise I will make you now is that I will blog from my sessions at SBL. I also have a lovely portable microphone that I will take for “lobby” interviews as well as, I hope, our new annual biblioblogger podcast. In the meantime, I will update as I can.

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