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Yanking (the Chains of) the Ivies – Chronicle.com

Before the humorous and che-tongue-ek comments begin, I should make it clear that I do not endorse denigrating other school’s to build up one’s own. If you are good enough to be the best then it goes without saying. We should emphasize our strengths, not someone else’s weaknesses. Let the fun commence: Yanking (the Chains of) the Ivies – Chronicle.com By THOMAS BARTLETT It’s easy to hate the Ivy League. Also, it’s fun. Yet rarely […]

Photo: St. Thomas, NYC

Yesterday I drove to NYC for a reception (and then drove back last night). I happened upon this gorgeous church during my walkabout. They were rehearsing for a boys/mens choir recital that night. Wonderful acoustics in this church. It was burned down in 1905 (the church, not the choir) so the vast majority of it is rebuilt. It was interesting to see the people who came in. One woman came, knelt in the pew in […]

So much happening…

It is hard for me to keep up. I apologize for not posting more, I really do since I view blogging as a conversation, even if sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself, when I don’t blog I feel like I am giving you all the silent treatment. Not my intent at all! Just doing too many things with too little time on my hands. To recap the last week (checking calendar to […]