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And it is a very nice article. “Schreyer dean set for priesthood” ran in our local paper. Somehow the reporter with the university beat heard about my ordination to the priesthood and asked for an interview. Given my position I felt it prudent to check with the Provost and President and I want to say that they have been fantastic, very supportive and encouraging. Although the journalist picked up on some offhanded sorts comments I made, I think it is a nice article. You could tell, however, that he was not a regular on the religion beat; he did not ask a single question about the current debates going on in the national church.

(I should add that I am not sure where he got the idea that I am “well know his work in biblical studies.” Targum studies, among all 18 of us maybe…. 🙂 )


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3 thoughts on “I am in the news…

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Hi Jeremiah! Over the last decade my sense of calling has always been to be bi-vocational and non-stipendiary. I will not be leaving my job at PSU and my research interests. I will also continue to serve in our local parish only now I will not only preach and teach, but I will also be able to celebrate the Eucharist and assist in other ways.

  • Jeremiah Bailey

    That is great to hear. As I leave the world of undergraduate studies behind and begin what I hope to be my lifelong academic endeavor, I am ever more mindful of the dangers of being an academic. I fear that in the pursuit of my studies I will forget this Jesus who invades my reality and demands that I follow him. I look at men like Bart Ehrman who can study God’s very revelation to mankind and be unaffected by what they study and I shudder. It seems to me that the great doctors of the church never studied theology to be novel, but rather for the tangible benefit of the Body of Christ. It is encouraging then, to see someone who cares about academic research, but also desires to serve the Church in the celebration of its oldest rite. God bless you.