“Someone, please buy the SPCK bookshops”

I pass along the plea from Dave, a UK cartoonist and churchman.

Someone, please buy the SPCK bookshops

spckSomebody needs to buy the SPCK chain of bookshops, and quickly.

This is from my friend Neil, who has just handed in his notice:

… Handed in my notice just in time, I have found out that our owners want to run each shop with just one person, and as they presented us with an unsignable (by which I mean only an idiot would sign it, not that it is printed on ink-proof paper) contract they will be lucky if they have enough staff left to run any shops at all. It has nearly been a month since we have been allowed to place a stock order and the shop is running out of stuff. In fact I predict that in a few months the shops won’t exist at all, hundreds of years of bookselling torn apart in one year, very sad.

Things really are that bad. I know some people reading are not affected by this and so don’t really care, but for those who have books / resources / newspapers and suchlike of interest to Anglicans and others it really is bad news.

Wesley Owen? Hymns Ancient and Modern? CPO? Premier? Anyone!

And a cartoon apropos of the current situation in the Anglican Communion.
who is in communion

(Via The Cartoon Blog.)

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