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Podcast with Mac+Skype+Audio Hijack

Those who have listened to my interview with Dr. Jim West know that my side of that recording is loud, scratchy, and just overall nasty. Well, as usual, it was User error. Audio Hijack Pro from (great name) Rogue Amoeba is an excellent program that I am just getting to know. In particular it has something called “Application Mixer” that allows you to bring in audio from any app and mix it live time with […]

Secularization Theory- “The Price of Faith”

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Magazine & journal reader has an interesting post/tease about an article by Rachel McCleary in The Review of Faith & International Affairs. She suggests that the “Secularization Theory” that for over a century has argued that an increase in economic development leads to a decrease in religious beliefs (e.g., western Europe), while still widely assumed to be true, does not match up with reality. The relationship between religion and economics […]

The 10th Commandment is Overrated

OK. Maybe not, but I really want this to be a reality and then I really want one. Mactab by Yann Le Coroller Ultra portable, Mactab is the complement to MacBook. The incredibly thin wireless keyboard is used as a protection cover for transportation. It stays in place with a combination of magnets and notches. On the back of the computer, a hinge allows it to be put in a vertical position so you can […]

NB: Explorer Issue

I have been told that the site looks chopped up in IE. Firefox seems to be fine. I will look into it and see if there is a fix to be found other than not using Internet Explorer. 🙂 BTW – The same issue is with IE on Mac as well as Windows. Of course, the Mac app hasn’t been updated in 4+ years…  

Bibliopodcast 1

Tonight I had the great honor and pleasure to interview Dr. Jim West, a Patriarch of Biblioblogging. Our conversation ranged over preaching, sacramental theology, academics, blogging, and keeping a sense of humor. It was a great 50 minutes! I do have to apologize for a technical problem; Skype causes the gain to increase on the mic so I sound loud and static-y but Jim sounds great. I have tried to balance it all out, but […]

Brothers Podcast Pt. 1

Two Bradys, Two Brothers, Two Doctorates, and at least Two Views. We discuss our different set ups, Windows for Steve (XP) and Mac OSX for Chris. I followed the directions found here. More topics covered: Honda Civic Hybrid – See Steve’s blog entry and why Steve is now a Conservative environmentalist. (And what that means.) Why some want higher taxes on gas. Steve’s tags. Including “Cats kill birds, not windmills.“ Environmental issues in general. […]


Herod’s Tomb Coverage

The discovery of Herod’s Tomb is making the news in a big way today. The site of Herodium has long been known and has been excavated since the 1970s. My favorite two headlines so far come from CT’s blog: King Herod Still Dead Haaretz updates report on tomb discovery. and Evil King Unearthed Hebrew University prof digs up King Herod the Great. OK. Jim West’s coverage is here: Herod’s Tomb: The Hebrew University Press Conference […]

The Chronicle: Daily news: Future Looks Brighter for Many New Orleans Campuses as Projected Enrollments Rise

I am thrilled to hear that Tulane and NOLA are on the way back. There is much, hard work left to do, but it also means great opportunity for students. They have the rare chance to be a part of the rebuilding of one of the most distinct cities in the world. The Chronicle: Daily news: 05/08/2007 — 01: Future Looks Brighter for Many New Orleans Campuses as Projected Enrollments Rise After a dismal year […]

The Brothers podcast…again!

From my brother’s blog. I will try and post the first portion of this tonight. The Brothers podcast…again! Well, we decided to record another phone conversation. This is actually the second half of our conversation, where we tackled the “after show” topics. We start with my theory that by offering multiple operating systems (Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP and Vista) Dell is working to position themselves to sell Apple’s OS-X. Other things we talk about: Does […]