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Where you stand depends upon where you sit.

What should we call the Hebrew and Aramaic texts that make up the Jewish canon and a good portion of the Christian canons? That is the question being tossed around by several bibliobloggers. It started with Claude Mariottini writing in response to the Chicago Tribune, “In realm of language, change is a constant.” I found it first through Tyler William’s response to Chris Heard. I now see that Duane Smith has joined in and you […]

Safety Dance in Numbers 40

Tomorrow is my bride’s 40th and this weekend we celebrated with her family. One of the “presents” was preparing a video of 40 years worth of pictures and, of course, music to go along with it. This led us into everything from James Taylor Something in the Way She Moves to Prince – 1999 to Cars (“Good Times Roll”). On the way home we rocked out to “Modern Rock – Dance – Disc 1” including […]

“The Pope’s Favorite Rabbi”

I was going to write my own notice of this profile and summary, but Dr. West beat me to it. Instead, I quote him in full. A Profile of Jacob Neusner Time Magazine has an engaging portrait of Jacob Neusner on its website which folk here will find interesting, to say the least.  With thanks to Matthijs den Dulk for mentioning it. It begins I’m not offended when Christians eat pork,” says Jacob Neusner. At […]

Honors Around the Big Ten

We had a great all-day meeting with our colleagues from the CIC. Many are doing very exciting things and we picked up a lot of great ideas. Each program is actually quite different, but we all face similar issues and have similar concerns and I learned much yesterday. It was also encouraging to hear that in many ways we have been and are leading the way. For example, it is only in the last few […]

Ethics – Cheating Across Cultures

I am starting a new category today, “ethics.” At the SHC we are focusing more on developing leaders who will be ethical in their outlook. One of the challenges is how to define “ethics” (and is it any different than “morals”?) and how to integrate that into the curriculum and (more importantly) into the ethos of the College. So through this blog and using the tags/categories I am going to periodically post stories, with and […]

Adventures of a Traveler: Lost Bag

As I mentioned, I am in Chi-town on business. I left State College yesterday evening after a full day of meeting, greeting, and registering next year’s freshmen. (PSU has a great spring/summer on campus registration program so we have already met our new students!) I arrived in Cinci safe and sound but our flight to O’Hare was delayed from 9pm to 10pm. So, I was on the ground in Cinci 2.5 hours. And somehow they […]

On the Road @ CIC

Today I am in Chicago meeting Honors Deans and Dirctors from the other CIC schools. What is CIC? Good question. It is the Big 10 + University of ILL Chicago. So, 12 schools in total because of course “the Big 10” is really 11 schools. CIC: Committee on Institutional Cooperation – About CIC ABOUT CICThe CIC is a consortium of 12 research universities, including the 11 members of the Big Ten Conference and the University […]

“New Breed of Evangelicals”

Partially in response and reflection on Jerry Falwell’s passing the NYTimes and the Washington Post both have articles about where “the evangelical Christian movement” is going today. I did not post anything about Rev. Falwell’s death for various reasons. I do want to comment that although I sometimes (often) disagreed with Falwell’s positions and (almost always) disagreed with his rhetoric I found it amazing the way in which so many commentators, cartoonists, and pundits felt […]