Adventures of a Traveler: Lost Bag

As I mentioned, I am in Chi-town on business. I left State College yesterday evening after a full day of meeting, greeting, and registering next year’s freshmen. (PSU has a great spring/summer on campus registration program so we have already met our new students!) I arrived in Cinci safe and sound but our flight to O’Hare was delayed from 9pm to 10pm. So, I was on the ground in Cinci 2.5 hours. And somehow they were unable to get my bag from one plane to the other.

So last night I arrive in the town where I met my bride short my shorts. The have now found the bag and it will be delivered between “11am and 11pm.” I love the precision. On the good news front, Walgreens had men’s dress socks on sale for $1 a pair.

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