Honors Around the Big Ten

We had a great all-day meeting with our colleagues from the CIC. Many are doing very exciting things and we picked up a lot of great ideas. Each program is actually quite different, but we all face similar issues and have similar concerns and I learned much yesterday.

It was also encouraging to hear that in many ways we have been and are leading the way. For example, it is only in the last few years that several of the schools have begun to move towards a university-wide honors program and some are still not yet at that point. It was 1985 when the Penn State University Scholars Program was established across all academic units. I was reminded yet again of what a great program I am privileged to lead.

I have to share with you as well that these were wonderful colleagues. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. It was a great, cordial exchange of ideas. We will be at Purdue next year and SHC-PSU will host in 2009!

(Now, to make my way back to State College. Hopefully with my luggage!)

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