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“The Pope’s Favorite Rabbi”

I was going to write my own notice of this profile and summary, but Dr. West beat me to it. Instead, I quote him in full. A Profile of Jacob Neusner Time Magazine has an engaging portrait of Jacob Neusner on its website which folk here will find interesting, to say the least.  With thanks to Matthijs den Dulk for mentioning it. It begins I’m not offended when Christians eat pork,” says Jacob Neusner. At […]

Honors Around the Big Ten

We had a great all-day meeting with our colleagues from the CIC. Many are doing very exciting things and we picked up a lot of great ideas. Each program is actually quite different, but we all face similar issues and have similar concerns and I learned much yesterday. It was also encouraging to hear that in many ways we have been and are leading the way. For example, it is only in the last few […]