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Robert Webber (1933-2007)

I recently learned that a wonderful scholar and churchman died last week, Dr. Robert Webber. I got to know Dr. Webber briefly during my time at Wheaton College. He was known affectionately as “Book of the Month Club Bob” because he seemed to be writing one book a month. He wrote the very popular Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail: Why Evangelicals Are Attracted to the Liturgical Church and our conversations centered upon the struggle between […]

Nisus Writer Pro: What is Old Is New

Christopher Heard at Higgaion has written about trying out the new Nisus Writer Pro. For those who are unfamiliar with NW, it was an amazing and powerful word processor in the 90’s for the MacOS (I cannot remember how early, but through OS 9). One of the things that made it so powerful was its ability to do right-to-left languages (e.g., Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac). I wrote my doctoral thesis and my book with it. […]