Podcast with Mac+Skype+Audio Hijack

Those who have listened to my interview with Dr. Jim West know that my side of that recording is loud, scratchy, and just overall nasty. Well, as usual, it was User error. Audio Hijack Pro from (great name) Rogue Amoeba is an excellent program that I am just getting to know. In particular it has something called “Application Mixer” that allows you to bring in audio from any app and mix it live time with your recording. (I still have not figured out how to set it so that the person on Skype can hear the audio from, e.g., iTunes, but I am working on it.) This is a great piece of software, only $32, and is a must if you want to do interviews with Skype like this on the Mac. I am still using GarageBand for editing, it is so intuitive and easy to use, and for live-in-the-room interviews. So in case anyone was wondering, that is my current set up and attached is my most recent conversation with my brother demonstrating that the User has now figured out how to get it done.

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