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Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Those who know me, follow this blog, or even visit my office know that I have used Apple products for quite some time. Even in those dark years when Steve Jobs was not at the helm I used Apple products, mostly because they were still the easiest and best machine for me to use (particularly with Hebrew and NisusWriter). I have often been accused of being an “Apple Fan Boy,” but I reject that label. […]


When you have Steve Jobs and the title “iGod” how can I not blog on it? Please head over to TUAW for the news brief and then NYMag for the story. Steve Jobs profile in New York magazine – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Steve Jobs profile in New York magazine Posted Jun 18th 2007 10:00AM by Michael Rose Never the advocate of subtle promotion, New York magazine’s cover story this week bears a simple […]

Jobs Blasts Teachers Unions?!

Things that make you go “hmmmm.” I have to say that I am not close enough to K-12 in PA yet to know the details of teacher unions, but I can say that in NOLA they were not very helpful at improving the schools. Jobs Blasts Teachers Unions Filed under: Education, Odds and ends, Steve Jobs Well having annoyed a lot of folks with his recent missive on DRM, Uncle Steve seemed likely to be […]

Time article on the iPhone

Well worth the read. Time Gets Background Story on the iPhone – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) As usual Time magazine seems to have gotten a bit of a sneak peak of a hot new Apple product. In this nice writeup, Lev Grossman discusses some of the background behind the iPhone. Uncle Steve was apparently up to form during the discussions about the iPhone. Grossman notes that “Jobs trash-talked the Treo, the BlackJack, the Sony […]


To keep the iPhone debate going… WSJ asks: Will the iPhone be a hit or a flop? Filed under: Macworld, Analysis / Opinion, Cult of Mac, Surveys and Polls, iPhone I thought online polls where strictly blog territory, but it seems that august publications like the Wall Street Journal are getting in on the poll fun. The WSJ has a poll up right now that asks, ‘Will the iPhone be a hit like the iPod […]

Wishing I could be there…

(And getting one of those iPhones from Mr. Bourne.) As an aside, Mr. Bourne rocks! I sent him an email (well, to his site) asking for suggestions for mics and things and HE replied! Within 2 hours, no less. Rock solid. MacBreak Weekly taping tonight at 21st Amendment MacBreak Weekly Live @ 21st Amendment at 21st Amendment (Tuesday, January 9, 2007) Directions to 21A, from Moscone Center Just a reminder that tonight’s live taping […]