When you have Steve Jobs and the title “iGod” how can I not blog on it? Please head over to TUAW for the news brief and then NYMag for the story.

Steve Jobs profile in New York magazine – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Steve Jobs profile in New York magazine
Posted Jun 18th 2007 10:00AM by Michael Rose

Never the advocate of subtle promotion, New York magazine’s cover story this week bears a simple headline over a psychedelic picture of Steve Jobs: iGod. John Heilemann’s story takes a humorous and surprisingly intimate look at the nigh-mythological arc of Jobs’ career, including the most common epithet applied to him by colleagues and friends alike (hint: it’s anatomical), and quotes like this one from Jean-Louis Gassée describing Jobs’ RDF as almost a physical force: “[Jobs is] the most powerful person I’ve ever met. The word charisma-in the true, Greek sense-applies. He has the power to open up your chest and put his fingers inside you.” Um, okay, Jean-Louis, does ‘blech’ translate to French?

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