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Nerdlust – The iPhone

What can I say? This gorgeous. For photos and live texting updates see MacRumorsLive. The Apple Store is back up and running. The iPhone is now listed along with the AppleTV. (It looks like the “wide screen, touch screen iPod IS the iPhone… shame, that should be a separate product.) Omissions: But where are the new monitors with iSight built in? Where was the announcement about Leopard? iWork?  

The Apple and The Messiah

Tomorrow is Macworld and the Apple faithful are awaiting the word from their savior. The religious comparisons are rife and long standing with Apple. The messianic comparisons inevitable developed with Steve’s Second Coming in 1997. Valleywag has a nice story explaining why Steve’s “one more thing” will not be an iPhone. But check out the awareness of religious iconography: Check out the He-Is-Risen imagery splashed across Apple’s home page this week. Get the message? Tuesday […]