To keep the iPhone debate going…
WSJ asks: Will the iPhone be a hit or a flop?

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I thought online polls where strictly blog territory, but it seems that august publications like the Wall Street Journal are getting in on the poll fun. The WSJ has a poll up right now that asks, ‘Will the iPhone be a hit like the iPod or a flop like the Newton?‘ At the right you see how it stands at 5am EST. 83% of people think Apple has a hit on its hands (my one vote is in that category) whilst 17% said, ‘Didn’t Steve kill the Newton when he returned to Apple? What’s up with Newton 2.0?’

What do you think? Will Apple score big with the iPhone or is it destine to become a footnote in Apple, Inc’s history?

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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