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Time article on the iPhone

Well worth the read. Time Gets Background Story on the iPhone – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) As usual Time magazine seems to have gotten a bit of a sneak peak of a hot new Apple product. In this nice writeup, Lev Grossman discusses some of the background behind the iPhone. Uncle Steve was apparently up to form during the discussions about the iPhone. Grossman notes that “Jobs trash-talked the Treo, the BlackJack, the Sony […]


To keep the iPhone debate going… WSJ asks: Will the iPhone be a hit or a flop? Filed under: Macworld, Analysis / Opinion, Cult of Mac, Surveys and Polls, iPhone I thought online polls where strictly blog territory, but it seems that august publications like the Wall Street Journal are getting in on the poll fun. The WSJ has a poll up right now that asks, ‘Will the iPhone be a hit like the iPod […]

Did Jesus Exist?

Thanks to Jim W. for bringing this to our attention. ————————————————– The Jesus Seminar Squared In an attempt to move beyond the work of the Jesus Seminar, which debated the acts and words of Jesus, a new project will attempt to discuss and debate whether Jesus really existed or not. Internationally recognized biblical scholars are set to launch The Jesus Project, a new endeavour to examine the historical existence of Christ.  Among those attending the […]

Tyler William’s Best of 2006

Thanks Tyler! Great work. Biblical Studies Carnival – Best of 2006 Biblical Studies Carnival – Best of 2006 Welcome to the Biblical Studies Carnival Best of 2006 post. In what I hope will become an annual event, this special edition of the Biblical Studies Carnival will showcase some of the best posts in the area of academic biblical studies of the past year. For each month, one post will be highlighted as the best, though […]

iPhone market fallout: RIM racked, Palm pounded

I think my brother is probably right and that the iPhone will be of little concern to RIMM (the makers of Blackberry) the stock market felt differently today. UPDATE COMMENT: My brother was also right in saying that far from staying in bed, investors should probably get up and buy RIMM (not sure about Palm). I don’t think that the iPhone is going to make a dent in the mass market of the guvmint and […]