For Jim W! Free Beethoven and Mozart Recordings via Podcast

And they just posted this one and I felt compelled to repost it here with Jim in mind. Free Beethoven and Mozart Recordings via Podcast

Courtesy of Deutsche Welle, the German international broadcasting service, you can fill your iPod at no
cost with some exceptional classical music. We’d particularly encourage you to focus on two podcasts. First, Beethovenfest (iTunes Feed Web Site), which lets users download “Beethoven’s most famous symphonies performed by excellent young orchestras.” Next, Classical Masterpieces (iTunes Feed Web Site), which gives you free access to symphonies by Mozart, Strauss, Schumann, Brahms, and Bruckner, each presented by conductor Kent Nagano and the internationally known DSO Berlin.

It’s also worth noting that Deutsche Welle offers a lot of other free podcasts in English. Take for example Inspired Minds (iTunes Feed Web Site), a series of podcasts exploring the world’s great thinkers, or Deutsche Warum Nicht? (iTunes), a multi-part series that will teach you German from the ground up. A great trove of content that’s worth your time.

(Via Open Culture.)

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