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I have not seen the news elsewhere but Jim is reporting the passing of a giant. I remember very well when I was still an undergraduate and Doug Gropp loaned me his copy of Freedman and Cross’ Early Hebrew Orthography: A Study of the Epigraphic Evidence. His work will continue to form the foundation of so much and serve as an inspiration to so many.

May light perpetual shine upon him.

Sad News: The Death of David Noel Freedman

I’m sad to report that I’ve received word that David Noel Freedman died yesterday, April 8. Details when they become available. He was a giant in the field and will be sorely, sorely missed.

(Via Dr Jim West.)


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6 thoughts on “David Noel Freedman, 1922-2008

  • Diane Peske

    David, as I lovingly called him – was a dear friend of my family me and these past 6 years. When our son was just beginning his studies at UCSD, it coincided with the publication of his “Nine Commandments”. I saw an article in the local paper – wrote to him, and a correspondance led to a visit. My husband and I were treated to one of the most amazing human beings we have ever met. For David and me….it was a true form of “love at first sight.” I called him “my boyfriend”, and always told his collegues that I was just ‘one of his many girlfriends.’ Living near his home – our family had cooked meals for him, eaten out with him, had him over at our home for celebrations, sat in as guests on his classes and talked regularly.

    Now the fact that last Thanksgiving he was at our dinner table, along with the co-publisher of his last book , that it was our last ‘big’ event together….makes that memory even sweeter.

    I had just spoken to David on sunday. I had called up to his son’s home at least once a week since David went to be with his family – and I asked David if he had gotten the box of oranges and homemade banana bread that I had sent him. “Sweetheart”, David replied in his weak but unmistakeably vintage voice…”they were wonderful.”

    My only regret was that our family only knew him in the later years of his life. How I envy those of you who knew him throughout the many years of his extraordinary life!

    I thank God for the privelege of having known him.

    Hugs and kisses in heaven, David – I miss you already.