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One More MLK Quote

I have to share one more from Dr. King, it is just too good, and is from the same sermon, “The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life.” The last sentence is the gem. 🙂 And you know, there are two kinds of atheism. Atheism is the theory that there is no God. Now one kind is a theoretical kind, where somebody just sits down and starts thinking about it, and they come to a conclusion […]

MLK, Jr. – “What did you do for others?”

I am humbled to have been invited to speak at PSU’s MLK Day Peace Service. MLK’s motif of the Jericho Road had been brought to my attention by Bishop Charles Jenkins of EDOLA and I will speak from Luke 10 and MLK’s interpretation of that passage. In reading I came across this sermon and this appropriate reminder. A “word” for the day, if you will. (This is a transcript of the sermon so the words […]

Biblical Studies Carnival XIII

As others have noted, Tyler Williams has done an excellent job with the latest BSC, Vol. 13. Biblical Studies Carnival XIII Biblical Studies Carnival XIII Welcome to the thirteenth Biblical Studies Carnival! This edition marks one full year of Biblical Studies Carnivals (BSC) since they were resurrected in February 2006. (Now, I know I said I would also include a “Best of 2006″ portion with this Carnival. As this Carnival edition grew, I decided that […]

Why you can’t see pictures of my kids…

Some regular readers may have noticed that my “Flickr badge” is no longer on the blog. The reason is that I have had to make all pictures of our children “private” (for friends and family only) on Flickr. Here is what happened…. The other day I noticed that “FenderMan” had marked three pictures of our daughter’s birthday party as his favorites. I did not know this username and when I went to his profile he […]

Fighting Shevas

Thank you Tyler for bringing this to light! This is abfab! Fighting Shevas OK, this is too funny. This Chris fellow made an animation illustrating a sheva fight (In Biblical Hebrew, when two shevas are found at the beginning of a word, the first sheva becomes a hireq). I will definitely show this to my Hebrew class when the semester begins! (HT Biblische Ausbildung) Tags: Hebrew, Shewa Fight, Sheva Fight, Grammar, Humour (Via Codex: Biblical […]

Bar Ilan University “Responsa Project” Goes Online

From Arutz Sheva – Israel National News The world’s largest electronic collection of Torah literature is now available online – in Hebrew. The Bar Ilan University Responsa Project, launched in 1991 in its CD format, was recently uploaded to the Internet on a platform provided by C.D.I. Systems. (See http://www.responsa.co.il) The virtual library encompasses all major Rabbinic sources representing more than 3,000 years of Hebrew and Aramaic literature. The website includes the Hebrew Bible and […]

For Jim W! Free Beethoven and Mozart Recordings via Podcast

And they just posted this one and I felt compelled to repost it here with Jim in mind. Free Beethoven and Mozart Recordings via Podcast Courtesy of Deutsche Welle, the German international broadcasting service, you can fill your iPod at no cost with some exceptional classical music. We’d particularly encourage you to focus on two podcasts. First, Beethovenfest (iTunes Feed Web Site), which lets users download “Beethoven’s most famous symphonies performed by excellent young orchestras.” […]

Free Audiobooks & Language instruction for Your iPod

Open Culture is a great site for free and intellectually stimulating audio. Two posts on their blog illustrate this well. In the first they list resources for learning languages. But there are no Hebrew podcasts!? Anyone have a link for us to Hebrew podcasts? In the second they provide a link to free audiobooks. This is just a quick heads up that we have added audiobook podcasts to our larger podcast collection. You’ll find here […]