Why you can’t see pictures of my kids…

Some regular readers may have noticed that my “Flickr badge” is no longer on the blog. The reason is that I have had to make all pictures of our children “private” (for friends and family only) on Flickr. Here is what happened….

The other day I noticed that “FenderMan” had marked three pictures of our daughter’s birthday party as his favorites. I did not know this username and when I went to his profile he did not have any pictures available to the public. Odd, but not unknown, of course. BUT when I checked the pictures he had listed as his favorites (that is from other Flickr users) they were all of young girls. Not cool.

Now the good part is that Flickr allows you to “block” people and this automatically removes those pictures from being listed as his favorites. I have done that. Flickr is doing their part. I have always known the dangers of putting personal information, especially images, up on the web. Fortunately this was the first and only time. For the time being I am keeping the Flickr account and I will continue to keep some images public. If you are a friend and would like access to the pics, just drop me an email and I will be happy to provide you with the appropriate link. Or, if you have a Flickr account, just make me one of your “Contacts” and I will give the relevant permissions.

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