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Leopard: Spaces Quirk

I am really loving Spaces, but I had noticed this problem as well. For example (in addition to the example below), if I upload images to Flickr, Safari opens a page when it is complete, with Spaces this brings Safari and its space to the foreground. Annoying when I am in the middle of doing something else. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. BTW, “MarsEdit has been nominated in the Macworld Readers’ Choice Awards, as […]

Wishing I could be there…

(And getting one of those iPhones from Mr. Bourne.) As an aside, Mr. Bourne rocks! I sent him an email (well, to his site) asking for suggestions for mics and things and HE replied! Within 2 hours, no less. Rock solid. MacBreak Weekly taping tonight at 21st Amendment MacBreak Weekly Live @ 21st Amendment at 21st Amendment (Tuesday, January 9, 2007) Directions to 21A, from Moscone Center Just a reminder that tonight’s live taping […]