Jobs Blasts Teachers Unions?!

Things that make you go “hmmmm.” I have to say that I am not close enough to K-12 in PA yet to know the details of teacher unions, but I can say that in NOLA they were not very helpful at improving the schools.

Jobs Blasts Teachers Unions

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Well having annoyed a lot of folks with his recent missive on DRM, Uncle Steve seemed likely to be making more enemies on Friday at a conference in Texas about K-12 education reform where he appeared along with Michael Dell. The AP reports that Jobs said, “I believe that what is wrong with our schools in this nation is that they have become unionized in the worst possible way. This unionization and lifetime employment of K-12 teachers is off-the-charts crazy.” Being in higher education, I see the results of our K-12 education on a daily basis, and it’s clear that there’s a problem. One interesting thing about this, whether you ultimately agree with Jobs or not, is that he felt free to say it. Jobs even allowed, “Apple just lost some business in this state, I’m sure,” though the AP noted that “the audience applauded enthusiastically” several times. It is perhaps not surprising that Dell “sat quietly with his hands folded in his lap” while Jobs was being his charismatic self.

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