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Boaz’s Turnips – Or Boaz Wakes Up By a Pile of Barley

I just finished this section and I thought it curious (bizarre, amusing) enough to share this snippet. This is from my commentary on Tg. Ruth. No footnotes are reproduced. The Targumist follows the beginning of verse 8 very closely until he reaches the point where Boaz “was startled and turned over” וַיֶּחֱרַד הָאִישׁ וַיִּלָּפֵת. The Targumist has included what at first glance may seem to be simply a Midrashic addition with little connection to the […]

Available Online: Midrash Shir HaShirim Rabbah: A Synoptic Edition

NB: All the links that were below appear to be dead so I have removed them. Please go here, to the Midrash Project, and follow the links from that site.   An announcement worth sharing.   Midrash Shir HaShirim Rabbah: A Synoptic Edition by Dr. Tamar Kadari, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies Supported by the Israel Science Foundation     We are pleased to announce that Midrash Shir HaShirim Rabbah: A Synoptic Edition is now available online […]

The midrash of the Ten Famines: The challenge of determining historical primacy of exegetical traditions

A long title. I shall have to find a shorter version, but it gets at the challenge we often find in Targumic studies. For those who are not familiar with the Targumim a very simplistic description is this: Aramaic translation of the biblical text PLUS interpretive material. A little more precisely, I would say that most Targumim present a word-for-word representation of the biblical text into Aramaic and occasionally add exegetical material, but in a way […]