Jesus, the Mamzer, and Ruth

I am reading Peter Schäfer’s creative reconstruction of the background for Jesus in the Talmud and a thought occurred to me that I do not see how I missed before (and a connection Schäfer does not seem to make). The Talmud addresses Jesus’ lineage (b Shab 104b), asserting that he is a bastard, a mamzer in the […]

Forget about Jesus’ wife, let’s talk about his color 1

 … and which candidate is more like JC. (BTW there are very real and interesting historical questions about Jesus’ ethnicity that are usually very poorly handled. This story is actually about modern social issues and contemporary politics.) I like the contrast put forward: Less remarked are the differences in how the color of Christ pertains […]

Introduction to the Reel Jesus

Tonight is the first film in our local series “The Reel Jesus.” Here are my opening words. Reel Jesus Introduction Good evening. My name is Christian Brady and I am dean of the Schreyer Honors College and on behalf of the State College Theatre and the Film Collective I welcome you to the Reel Jesus […]

The Reel Jesus 1

This piece (or a version of it, I am over the word limit by 80 words) should appear in the Centre Daily Times in the near future. It is an introduction to an upcoming film series The Reel Jesus. The story is up! “Jesus is coming to a theater near you.“ I believe that I […]