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IOTS 2010 Schedule Posted

The 2010 International Organization for Targumic Studies conference is nearly here! Held triennially as part of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament, this year’s conference is in Helsinki, Finland during the first week in August. The program(me) has just been posted at the conference website and I will share it below as well, but first I thought I would share my abstract with you. The Figure of Boaz in Targum Ruth […]

Ruth Word Cloud

Today I get back into the saddle, not blogging (although that is clearly going to happen as a procrastination measure, as this post attests) but in terms of my research. I have largely set aside June for work on my Targum Ruth project with only two trips and a handful of meetings. While sorting through my material I came across this word cloud I had created of the paper I presented regarding Boaz’ role in […]

What does the Book of Ruth teach us?

“…the book of Ruth, an idle, bungling story, foolishly told, nobody knows by whom about a strolling country girl creeping slily to bed to her cousin Boaz. Pretty stuff indeed to be called the word of God! It is, however, one of the best books in the Bible, for it is free from murder and rapine.” -Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason Part II (London, 1795), p. 23. “This scroll tells us nothing of cleanliness […]

The Book of Ruth & Its Targum

My study of the Targum of Ruth grew out of my earlier work on Targum Lamentations and the Targumim of the Megilloth. From this page and the submenus above you can navigate to my essays on the Book of Ruth, Targum Ruth, brief commentary on the Book of Ruth, and translation of Targum Ruth. You can also navigate to images of the Solger manuscript. The oldest known MS is Valmadonna 1 and my transcription and translation are […]

IOTS Paper – “Eschatological Lists” in TgMeg

Here is the abstract for my IOTS paper: The Use of “Eschatological Lists” within the Targumim to the Megillot. Several of the targumim to the Megillot contain lists (songs, famines, kings, etc.) that culminate in the future or messianic era. For example, TgSS opens with the list of Ten Songs and TgRuth opens with the list of Ten Famines. Such lists are well known from other midrashic texts and this paper will consider how and […]