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Are Men Marginalized in Ruth?

I am now working on moving two papers I have presented on Boaz into (likely) a single article for submission to a journal to be named later. In re-reading my paper “Boaz Centrally Marginalized” it occurred to me that men as a whole are very deliberately moved to the edges of the book of Ruth. Consider these few points: Elimelech, Machlon, and Chilion never speak, they just die, a key element of the story, but […]

Age in the Book of Ruth and a Proxy Marriage?

It is well known to those who give the Book of Ruth even a cursory reading that Boaz is older than Ruth and, in fact, is closer to Naomi in age. In the comments of a paper on Boaz that I posted here over a year ago, Robert Holmstedt, who has a great book on the subject, Ruth: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text, pointed to some of his own work in which he noted […]

New Translation of Targum Ruth Available (here!)

I am very (very) pleased to post my translation of Targum Ruth. It can be found here and the opening comments and first verse are below. This is a first draft and the English needs smoothing, but I thought I would do a bit of “crowd sourcing.” Feel free to read it and comment. Short of access to Beattie’s edition (see below) if you have the Accordance Targum module 1 then you have the base […]

Targum Ruth in English

Translation by C. M. M. Brady This is a translation of Valmadonna No. 1 (NB: Previously known as Sassoon 282!), which dates to 1189, the oldest MS available. Please also see Derek Beattie’s critical edition, Targum and Scripture: Studies in Aramaic Translations and Interpretations in Memory of Ernest G. Clarke, SAIS 2, ed. Paul V.M. Flesher (Leiden: Brill, 2002), pp. 231-90.1 An online version of this text is available at the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon (CAL) hosted by […]

Quibbling with NRSV

I know, I know. This is an old and hackneyed debate and there are far better/worse modern translations to go after. But as I am finishing up my translation of Targum Ruth (huzzah!) I see that the NRSV has made some lame choices, presumably to be “gender inclusive.” In this case there is some basic biology and not just patriarchal dominance behind the language: Ruth 4:13 ‏וַיִּקַּח בֹּעַז אֶת־רוּת וַתְּהִי־לוֹ לְאִשָּׁה וַיָּבֹא אֵלֶיה So Boaz […]

Peloni Almoni

I am very grateful to my friend Dr. Robert Cargill (yet again!). He has given me the wonderful gift of…a URL! This comes from, as you all know, Ruth 4:1 ‎‏ וַיֹּאמֶר סוּרָה שְׁבָה־פֹּה פְּלֹנִי אַלְמֹנִי  The NRSV provides a lovely (if not entirely accurate) translation, “So Boaz said, ‘Come over, friend; sit down here.’” The term ‎‏פְּלֹנִי אַלְמֹנִי is a bit problematic, to say the least, often rendered as “so and so.” But I like the […]

Scatterings: Ruth as Anti-Tragedy

Eric of Scatterings has a nice little piece on Ruth. As you all know, my current research is on Ruth and Targum Ruth. Eric provides a nice rundown of the plot and how the book is exceedingly positive. There are several points in Hamlet or King Lear where things could get better – where characters might start to understand one another, and the destruction of the characters lives might not be so total. But in […]

Free ebook: The Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules

An old roommate (that is, we were roommates long ago, not that he is old now, well, we are older) sent me this link. I don’t know anything about Carolyn James and it appears to be very much a Christian devotional work, but if Zondervan is making it available for free who am I to not download it? The link is at the bottom of the blurb. This isnt the Ruth, the Naomi, or the […]

I Write Like lots of folks (and reflections on biblical authorship)

I am late to the party here but I thought I would try and experiment. Do I always write like the same person? First I put in the opening paragraphs from my paper on Boaz from MAR-SBL. The result? I write like Kurt Vonnegut. Next I pasted in a portion from a sermon for 6 Easter  2009. The result? I write like James Joyce. Finally, I used a portion from this blog, specifically where I was […]

Ruth’s “Conversion” in Targum Ruth

As you all know I am working Targum Ruth. Those who know me well know that my interests are more with the exegetical concerns than linguistic issues. Still, one must slog through a translation at some point… Ruth 1:16-17 has received a lot of attention throughout the millennia. For the majority of its reception the passage has been interepreted as Ruth’s “conversion” to Judaism. In this “confession” she becomes a follower of Yhwh. Many modern […]