Chesterton on the main characteristic of the Hebrew Bible

I am a great admirer of GK Chesterton, from his Father Brown mysteries (the new BBC series does little justice) to his theological ramblings. His output is prodigious and thus uneven, but always entertaining and enlightening. I have been reading his introduction to Job and found these comments thought provoking. The central idea of the great […]

Suffering Silently? Longman and the Book of Job 2

This is from a promotional blog post at Baker Academic’s blog for their Job commentary. I am not sure whether the comments are from Tremper Longman, the editor of that volume (the blog says “by Tremper Longman”) or not since it also says “posted by Bryan Dyer.” I any event… I am looking forward to […]

In the comments of another post a few people asked about the value of Rabbi Kushner’s When Bad Things Happen to Good People. His position can, in many ways, be summed up in his assessment of how we read and respond to Job.

If God is a God of justice and not of power, then He can still be on our side when bad things happen to us. … Our question will not be Job’s question, “God, why are You doing this to me?” but rather “God, see what is happening to me. Can you help me?” We will turn to God, not to be judged or forgiven, not to be rewarded or punished, but to be strengthened and comforted.

I cannot say I agree with everything that might be contained within these statements, but in so far as dealing with the unjust death of innocents and injustice as a whole, I think this is spot on.