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Bibliobloggers at SBL

Douglas Mangum of Biblia Hebraica has a nice listing of Bibliobloggers presenting at SBL. It is quite a list! We were working a Biblioblogger get together but so far we have not had much luck. I will keep you posted! In the meantime, do check out the growing list of papers on offer by our guild. As pointed out, Aramaic Studies offers a two-for-one! Bonus Session – Two for the Price of One: SBL24-103, Aramaic […]

Firefox Plugin for Bibliobloggers

JP has posted a search plugin for FF 3.0 that will allow one to search all the biblioblogs on this list . It is a wonderful tool and I am very grateful for it! (As an aside, if you are on Mac using NetNewsWire as a reader, which is now free, you can simply search all feeds from there. BUT you can only search what is still cached. This plugin allows you to search the […]

Testing Smart YouTube

Testing a WordPress plugin called “Smart YouTube” for, you guessed it, adding YouTube videos to the blog with full functionality. (BTW, I have no idea what this song is about, but the video is very cool. Apparently “pikapika” is an onomatopoeia in Japanese for “electric sparkling” hence the images in this video.) httpv://  

How we write, part 2

Yesterday Dr. Jim West gave a long response to my earlier post contemplating how it is that we (I) write. As is his open style, Jim was very forthright with his opinions and as a result has in turn offered a post very much worth of comment. With what authority do we speak?I want to begin, however, with an apology of sorts. When I began writing that post, I had meant to focus more upon […]

How we write

Reading Jim’s posts about and from Emil Brunner [that blog link is now dead] has me again pondering how I write. Since beginning to blog about 4 years ago (initially anonymously) I have thought carefully and often about how I write, what perspective I take, voice, tone, and language. Dean Dad refers to an interesting post from Dr. Crazy, “Pseudonymity is not Anonymity, duh,” with the basic argument that a pseudonym has character, identity, and […]