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New Home Page

Most of you probably come directly to the blog, but some folks might land on directly. I have not updated that page in quite a while so today I did a quick job in iWeb to provide more of a landing page. There are links there to facebook, flickr, and twitter accounts in addition to this blog. (Makes you wonder if bob cargill had a hand in naming all these lowercase social networking sites.) […]

CHE Wired – Attendance for iOS and Admissions Tweets

Today’s Chronicle of Higher Education Wired newsletter has two stories that were of interest to me and may be for you all as well. The first is a very handy app, Attendance. One of the only explicitly teaching-related iOS apps that I use is Attendance, a straightforward program by David Reed, a computer science professor at Capital University. I reviewed the app upon its first release, and have used it religiously over the intervening 18 months. Attendance […]


Will I ever blog again?

I hope to, but my schedule lately has been ridiculous. I had a great visit with Bob Cargill and next time I hope to meet up with Chris Heard as well. Bob and I talked a lot of edutech including digital textbooks and eduApps (my term) that would, for example, incorporate 3D fly throughs of Qumran such as Bob’s doctorate offers along with images, assessment tools and good old text. We also talked about blogging […]

WordPress Tip: Disappearing Dashboard

I have had repeated problems with my WP dashboard disappearing, or at least elements on of it. When I trouble shoot plugins I would usually find some combination that would make all the widgets reappear, but not always. The dashboard would look like this: One day I noticed that I had a lot of Spam (noted by the red “SPAM” on the Dashboard) and clicked on the link to see what was what. I emptied […]