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Third Annual Ralphies (1): Music

I am quite late at this and it will probably be past the first of the year when I finish, but I think it is worth the effort. So… Following Ed’s lead I too will being the Third Annual Ralphies with music. Sort of. As much as I love music, I just haven’t had the time to listen to much of it. I do, however, listen to podcasts with great regularity. So in keeping with […]

Long Live the Queen’s Podcast

Oh dear. I say, you don’t say. When podcasting jumped the shark: QE II Filed under: Odds and ends, Podcasting Mark well this day, for it is the day the music died — or at least, the day podcasting stopped being cool. This year’s Christmas message from Queen Elizabeth will be podcast for the first time. You don’t get any more old-media than the Queen, but apparently her royal majesty now is ready to have […]

Comic Book Resources: STUDIO TOURS: “PvP” Creator Scott Kurtz

Comic Book Resources – CBR News: STUDIO TOURS: “PvP” Creator Scott Kurtz PVP is one of the online strips I follow. Of interest in this studio tour is his reference to his migration to the Mac OS. He is not a rabid Apple fanboy, but he does say This is my old PC. I put it back here on my drafting table in case I had trouble switching over to the Mac and needed it […]

Bill Petersen, RIP

It is with great sadness that I pass along the news of the death of a colleague from PSU. The email I received says, With great sorrow I report that Bill Petersen passed away last evening, December 20, in Pittsburgh. His partner, Mark Biedrzycki, has announced that plans for a memorial service are pending. Condolences may be sent to Mark at 106 Shannon Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. Prof. Peteresen was Director, Religious Studies Program and […]

From DASUTIN.COM: Complete List of MacBreak Weekly Recommended Mac Applications

For all you Mac heads out there, here is a nice handy list of great apps. (And if you don’t listen to MBW you should!) Complete List of MacBreak Weekly Recommended Mac Applications I have compiled a list of all the MacBreak Weekly Applications they talk about on the show. This list includes Applications, Plugins, and a few sites. If you want to know more about MacBreak Weekly, head over to I will keep […]

Psuedonymously Posting

I came across this today on blogger. The blogging name is “Psuedonymous.” Psuedonymously Posting Tuesday, December 19, 2006 Welcome! I wanted to no longer remain anonymous, since so many people think that means I am hiding something. So, to this end, like those critics, I have now declared who I am. I am “Psuedonymous The Mighty Writer!” So now you know. (Via Confessions of a Community College Dean where he has posted.)