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Oh dear. I say, you don’t say.
When podcasting jumped the shark: QE II

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Mark well this day, for it is the day the music died — or at least, the day podcasting stopped being cool. This year’s Christmas message from Queen Elizabeth will be podcast for the first time. You don’t get any more old-media than the Queen, but apparently her royal majesty now is ready to have an RSS feed.

Considering that The Queen is the 40th British monarch since William the Conqueror, I suppose it is high time that her Christmas message gets delivered in 21st-century fashion.

[via Macworld/PlayListMag]

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One thought on “Long Live the Queen’s Podcast

  • Spared

    I find it amusing how the British are trying to be so hip… friends in the UK say they appreciate the attempt from the Royals to bring in the younger generations into their circle. Not to say I’d like to see ol’ girl buy the farm anytime soon, but I look forward to seeing how Charles’ sons will handle their duties. Their mom’s influence will hopefully mark their reign.