From DASUTIN.COM: Complete List of MacBreak Weekly Recommended Mac Applications

For all you Mac heads out there, here is a nice handy list of great apps. (And if you don’t listen to MBW you should!) Complete List of MacBreak Weekly Recommended Mac Applications

I have compiled a list of all the MacBreak Weekly Applications they talk about on the show. This list includes Applications, Plugins, and a few sites. If you want to know more about MacBreak Weekly, head over to I will keep this list updated when a new MacBreak Weekly comes out, so keep checking the site for updates!

Episode 6: LittleSnitch

Episode 7: OmniGraffle, Fission Audio Editor, Audio Hijack Pro, iTunes 7

Episode 8: Pzizz, PodTube, TubeSock, WebStractor, IMAP Idle AppleMail Plugin

Episode 10: AppleJack, VideoCue, Sound Source, WireCast 3, OmniOutLiner, Parallels

Episode 11:, SRSiWoW Plugin (iTunes Plugin), TheFilter (iTunes Plugin for Windows), Soundflavor, Beatunes

Episode 12: Disco, Tangerine, Toast, ScopeBox,, Snapz Pro X

Episode 13: AdiumX, CyberDuck, Transmit, Firefox, Camino, Saft, Sogudi, iBackup, Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper, ChronoSync, Nvu, QuickSilver, Stuffit Expander, The Unarchiver, TextWrangler 2, BBEdit, VLC, NicePlayer, Flip4Mac, FreeDMG, iStopMotion

Episode 14: SlingPlayer, MenuCalendarClock (iCal Plugin)

Episode 15: Celtx, Montage, FinalDraft, iShowU, WriteRoom

Episode 16:, SpeedDownload, SeeMap, Text Expander, TypeIt4Me

Episode 17: Desktastic, Goombah, Rhapsody

Episode 18 – JungleDisk, Sleepless, Techtoolpro, XTorrent


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