Izzy is Nine

Today is our daughter’s 9th birthday. Happy Bday Izzy! Mom shared this at her blog.

Actually, at 5:44 p.m. she will officially turn nine. We call her chocolate drops because her eyes are like two dark chocolate Lindt balls with cocoa beans inside. They are deep and beautiful.

I took cupcakes to her school today and she came up and kissed me, it made her feel special to have me and her little brother visit. It made me feel special to see her so content, dutifully working away and teasing with Caitlyn across the table.

And then I marveled, as I always do, at the carnal pleasure it brings me to be her mom. It reminds me of the sentiment that mothering brings us closest to understanding God’s love for each of us. The pure, unselfish pleasure in seeing our growth, our happiness and just our smile. It is just a glimpse, but a little bit holy, I think.


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