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Izzy is Nine

Today is our daughter’s 9th birthday. Happy Bday Izzy! Mom shared this at her blog. Actually, at 5:44 p.m. she will officially turn nine. We call her chocolate drops because her eyes are like two dark chocolate Lindt balls with cocoa beans inside. They are deep and beautiful. I took cupcakes to her school today and she came up and kissed me, it made her feel special to have me and her little brother visit. […]

Schreyers Pledge $25M to Honors College

UPDATE: Images from the announcment can be found here. I thought I would share with you all rather exciting news on the job front (from my other blog at http://engage.shc.psu.edu/: There is big news today! I am extremely pleased to announce that Mr. and Mrs. Schreyer have pledged an additional $25 million to the Schreyer Honors College to support scholarships and student and faculty programs. When the Schreyers’ endowed the college in 1997 with a […]