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For those interested in how the fundraising side of things work, here is a little primer on endowments at universities. (Cross posted from With the generous gift commitment from Mr. and Mrs. Schreyer many folks have been asking me how it all works. I will begin by saying that the gift is payable over several years and we do not have all of that money in cash to spend! The body of the gift […]

Apple Allows the Use of the Term “Podcast”

What a relief! So be sure to check out my occasional podcast. Man requests “podcast license” In October, the Global Geek Podcast network became concerned about Apple’s cease and desist letters regarding the phrase “podcast”. So podcast host Dave Gray wrote a letter to Steve Jobs. In the letter, he included a check for AU$1 to cover any royalties for the use of the phrase. This week, he received a reply from the Apple Trademark […]

Richard Dawkins Goes Head to Head With Campus Critics of His Attack on Religion

The Chronicle: Daily News Blog: Richard Dawkins Goes Head to Head With Campus Critics of His Attack on Religion What I find so frustrating about Dawkins is not his views but that (1) he insists that science (specifically Darwinianism) proves that God doesn’t exist, as Stephen Gould pointed out science has no place ruling on matters of spirituality, his conclusion is a non sequitur; (2) he insists that “religion” is a great evil that must […]


I was sent an email with a series of questions for an interview for a local magazine. I thought some might be interested in how I responded to the questions. 1. Was it difficult to leave New Orleans given all that’s happened there? It was. In fact, we evacuated to my brother’s home in OH. He is a PSU grad, as is his wife, and he is now on the faculty in Harrisburg, but he […]

Asthmatic Kitty Records – Sufjan Xmas Stream

Sufjan Stevens is an incredibly talented, if a bit bizarre, musician. Last year Ed Cook (known as Ralph the Sacred River to many of you) put me on to his music and even had a link to a set of three Christmas albums by Sufjan for free download! So I was going to share that link with you. It turns out that Stevens has made two more and is now offering streaming versions and a […]

Do you believe in Leprachauns?

This is just silly. It will be interesting to see if the ACLU does get involved. A former student at the Art Institute of Portland, in Oregon, says that he was suspended and then expelled, in a series of events that started when he questioned another student’s belief in leprechauns and she complained about his questions, The Portland Mercury reported. Institute officials denied that anyone could be expelled for questioning another’s belief in leprechauns and […]

Safari better than Firefox

This is interesting to me because just this weekend I decided to move over to BonEcho, the MacIntel optimized Firefox that is mentioned below. The criticism of the text rendering is right on, but as I begin to use tags FireFox has nifty plugins. Safari better than Firefox Filed under: Software, Internet Tools People are very serious about what browser they use, and I understand why. I spend most of my computing life using […]

SBL Paper – “God is not in this classroom”

(Just reposting to make sure it shows up in iTunes.) My paper went fairly well (or at least, that is what people told me 😉 ) and the sessions were even better. I really enjoyed them and the afternoon session was packed. Kevin Wilson and Steve Cook were there! It was great to meet them in person. I look forward to meeting more of the bibliobloggers this afternoon. I read the paper from my computer […]