Safari better than Firefox

This is interesting to me because just this weekend I decided to move over to BonEcho, the MacIntel optimized Firefox that is mentioned below. The criticism of the text rendering is right on, but as I begin to use tags FireFox has nifty plugins. Safari better than Firefox

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People are very serious about what browser they use, and I understand why. I spend most of my computing life using one browser or another (my current fave is the Intel optimized FireFox variant). Now, I’m just an average Joe, so you can take my thoughts on browsers with a grain of salt, but Zeldman is a web design wizard. He knows of what he speaks.

This is why I found this post titled ‘Safari better than Firefox?‘ so very interesting. Zeldman spends a good deal of time listing all the things that are right with Firefox’s engine, but one thing that is very wrong is text rendering. Safari, according to Zeldman and my eyes, renders text much better than Firefox. It is true that Safari is Mac only, so it need not worry about cross platform text rendering, but that doesn’t change the fact that text looks very nice in Safari and not so nice in Firefox.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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