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Targum Ruth: “Judge” or “Leader”   Recently updated!

Believe it or not, I am still working on my book on Targum Ruth. One of the interesting bits that I came across while doing my translation a few years ago was the translation of MT’s וַיְהִ֗י בִּימֵי֙ שְׁפֹ֣ט הַשֹּׁפְטִ֔ים The Targum chooses to use the term נגיד. The oldest MS, Valmadonna (V) does not represent both instances of the Hebrew *שפט, and all MSS attest the use of the Aramaic נגיד, most rendering the Hebrew שְׁפֹט הַשֹּׁפְטִים […]

A close reading of Ruth

Boaz – A close reading of Ruth 4

The selection below was written “on background” one might say. I wanted to articulate what I thought was a close and “simple” reading of how the Book of Ruth presents the character of Boaz. I then went on to critique a few key modern interpreters, but that will have to wait for another post or even a published article. (We shall see.) In the meantime I thought it might be worthwhile to post this “First Reading” and solicit […]

Ruth, daughter of Eglon, and the origin of midrashic traditions 1   Recently updated!

I am in the final stages of preparing my paper on the transformation of the character of Ruth in her Targum and I thought I would share one nugget here with a comment about determining primacy of exegetical traditions. The first reference to Ruth in the Targum, as in the biblical text, occurs in chapter 1 verse 4. After an expansive start, the Targumist adds just a few details to this verse. He explains that […]

Working on Ruth and Taking Pictures

Not at the same time, usually. As with most summers, this is my time to try and get some writing done. I continue, slowly but surely, to make progress on my book on TgRuth. Next month I will be presenting a paper on the character of Ruth in the Targum and I now have my article on Boaz ready to be submitted. The blog over here has been neglected in this time and really for […]

The Book of Ruth and Fan-fiction

I am wrapping up my article on the character of Boaz. In it I critique the reading of Boaz presented by Fewell and Gunn1 saying, they have created “a kind of ‘fan fiction,’ rooted more in our own interests and imagination than that of the original author.” That got me thinking, does such fanfic exist? Sure enough, it does.   Fewell, Danna Nolan, and David M Gunn. “Boaz, Pillar of Society: Measures of Worth in […]

More on motivation and characters in the Book of Ruth

I am just reading through an article by my friend Tod Linafelt (“Narrative and Poetic Art in the Book of Ruth,” Interpretation 64:2, 117-129 [2010]). It is a broad and useful reading of Ruth. You may recall from my earlier post I quoted Campbell who said, It is inherent in biblical thought generally that a person’s actions and words offer a true picture of the person’s character. Hebrew stories do not have characters with hidden […]

A close reading of Ruth

Teaching the Book of Ruth 2   Recently updated!

In response to my earlier post on Campbell‘s comments about characters in the Bible, John asked for a little guidance. “I have just started teaching Ruth on Wednesday nights. If you will, give me a little insight that would improve my job as teacher. We are going through the OT/HB and are beginning Ruth. Thanks.” I started to write a reply and it got a bit long and I realized that organizing my thoughts this […]